Non mi ricordo se ho parlato qui del mio calendario dell'avvento musicale.

In ogni caso mi sto divertendo molto ad aggiungere feature un po' alla volta. Ieri stavo lavorando sui testi e mi son reso conto che la musica che ho ascoltato quest'anno è probabilmente la più deprimente di sempre.

Quindi quale giorno migliore del post elezioni UK per ravvivare la giornata con qualche quote

It can't be comfortable when the whole thing's about to fall
We're dyin' on the inside

That fall from grace
Knocked me on my knees
Don’t tell anyone
That's what I wanted

Take a long last look at everything
That means anything to you and me
There's not a thing left to say
Just watch it all fade away

Two beers in
Already feels like it's one of those nights to forget
The more that I drink, the more that I feel broken and alone
At a party with friends


Ceramic tile in the bathroom
You make me dizzy on this drunken afternoon
But you're cold against my face
When I lie down on top of you

I think I'm getting depressed again
I think I'm gonna lose all my friends
I'm trying to switch up my medicine
So I can be more of a gentleman


e forse la piú caratteristica

It's been a long hard year
Started fine but it ends in tears
One down
We're that much deader