Tomorrow will be my last day in Shazam.
The only words that comes to my mind thinking about the last 3 years and half are “mixed feelings”.

When I started I enjoyed the chance to work in a greenfield project, even though I had some struggle dealing with some people in the team. Over time that balance shifted with some people leaving and some new comers.

Front end team

There was a moment during which everything was perfect: for a year or so we were a team of good friends having fun together and working on a very interesting project.

Lots of fun

But of course it couldn’t last.
Things shifted again and when I figured out that I was there mainly for my colleagues, I knew it was time to move on.

Starting Monday I’ll be joining a new company, but I’ll have time to talk about it. In the meanwhile: Goodbye Shazam!

2016-02-03 19.20.09