…and a few things happened.

Actually I was about to write something completely different, but without a brief summary of what happenend in the meanwhile that wouldn’t have had much sense.

The problem is everything happened so damn fast.

Last post was April 21st, 2012.
Let me think…

The following month, toward the end of May, I had to deal with the fact that I may had to leave my job at Spreaker.

Saying goodbye was going to be though: despite of an hard start, working there has been one of the most interesting and fullfilling job experiences I’ve ever had. But sometimes there is not much you can actually do to avoid things happening and, even though they were not kicking me out and I didn’t really want to, I started sending resumes around and, after a while, considering to move abroad.

In July I came to London for some interviews and I accepted an offer.
In August I moved to London for good.
In September, well: From The Front and started my new job in Shazam
In October I got an article published on .Net Magazine
In November my older kid started the primary school.
In December I got married.